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2022 Faves Part 3 | Stephenville TX Boudoir Photographer

This post is all about boudoir. Boudoir photography is one of my favorite elements to photograph. It is empowering. It is beautiful. It is art. You may inquire and book because you think it's a gift for someone else, but trust me when you walk out of the session saying this was a gift for me and I am gorgeous!

I am incredibly proud and grateful to have grown my boudoir business in the last 3 years and I have quite a diverse portfolio this year which includes several styled shoots as well. So, I'm combining more traditional images from the studio with some of my fun and crazy styled ideas.

Let's get to it!

Kicked off the year with this babe and some fierce neon!

After a weekend of snow and ice, these two brought some heat to the studio with a full CK styled session.

Bridal boudoir is easily a top favorite! And I have a veil in the studio for you to use.

Made all the turquoise and western vibes happen with this shoot!

Kicking off my styled shoots for the year was this circus theme! I'll be sharing a full blog post on this one in the near future!

I'm absolutely loving offering more outdoor sessions and these were so simple and beautiful.

Next on the styled shoot list was all about Bridgerton! Because seriously who doesn't want to become a Duchess for a day?

With summer in full swing, it was time to set up stock tank sessions and these did not disappoint! Plus, those drone shots were so much fun!

And we all know I love love LOVE Halloween so it was time to plan all the things! If you haven't checked out these blog posts you can find the Purge shoot here and the Coven shoot here.

And of course in the photography world, we tend to skip right over Thanksgiving and go straight into Christmas. Time for all the extra sparkle with some studio sessions and steamy stock tank sessions!

I am so incredibly thankful to all the amazing women who entered my studio this year and were reminded just how beautiful they are. Here's to 2023!

xo, Lauren


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