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Coven | Stephenville TX Halloween Boudoir Photographer

"We are the blood

of the witches

you thought were dead.

We carry witchcraft in our bones

whilst magic still sings

inside our heads.

When the witch hunters

imprisoned our ancestors

when they tried to burn the magic away.

Someone should have

warned them

that magic cannot be tamed.

Because you cannot burn away

what has always

been aflame."

~ Nikita Gill

This year's Halloween styled shoot, Coven, was so much fun to put together! Even though there were strong chances of rain for the whole day and my stress level was all over the place, we made it work and I couldn't have done it without an awesome group of vendors, models, and my husband doing all the heavy lifting and smoke bomb waving.

Venue: LC Ranch

Smoke bombs: Shutterbombs

Wood Arbor: my husband

Floral Arrangement: my mom

Happy Halloween Witches! Enjoy!

xo, Lauren


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