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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you Located?  And do you travel?

I am located in Stephenville, Texas.  Depending on the session and the location, there may be a travel fee in addition to the cost of the session.


Why do you only include a certain number of images to be delivered in my package?

 I am a firm believer in quality over quantity.  I want you to be happy with every single image that is provided to you.


How soon will I receive my photos?

For all portrait sessions, images will be delivered within one-three weeks. 

Is there a cancellation fee?

I don't charge a cancellation fee.  However, depending on the session and the circumstances, the deposit may be forfeited.


Can I post my photos to social media?

Absolutely!  I am truly honored when my clients share my work.  My only request is to refrain from re-editing or cropping the image.  I have worked hard to develop my style in my work and create the best possible images for you.  


Will all of the photos be retouched?

Yes, every photo that you receive will be fully edited with retouching if necessary.


How do I book you?

Great!  Send me an email or use the contact form on the About Me page and we can take it from there.  I absolutely look forward to working with you!

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