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In the Tower | Stephenville TX Wedding Photographer

I love this sweet bride to pieces because I have been part of capturing so many wonderful moments for her, but we don't always have the best luck with weather. Paige's bridal session was no different. Her schedule and my schedule were both making it harder for us to find a new date, so I got to work finding an alternative location than what we had planned. I would now like to say that I am so glad the weather wasn't cooperating because this moody, elegant, and classic setup was a bridal session out of my dreams.

Worn walls and exposed brick, mixed with the beauty of her veil and gown were everything. If I hadn't been melting in the process, I could have stayed there all evening shooting. So, let's just say that I have been dying to share these since we took them. Congratulations Paige & Eric!!

Dress: Pence & Panache

HMU: Maddi Robbins with Evolutions Salon

xo, Lauren


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