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Baby Boy M | Texas Family Photographer

Still playing catch up, but this session was just too wonderful not to post. So, I'm going to take you on a little journey.

Back when I started my business, I wanted to shoot more couples and asked these two if they would model for me. They agreed and we suffered through the Texas heat, getting eaten up by all the mosquitoes that evening, but I couldn't have loved those pictures more.

One year later, I am getting a text message to concoct a plan to help him with a surprise proposal. We had a fun plan and it is probably one of my proudest, stealthiest moments. And then I loved those pictures even more.

Several months later, I am watching these two tie the knot and once again I am the one honored to capture their story. Again, I loved everything about their day and the moments I was able to photograph.

Last month these two became three. And just before that, they asked me to shoot a wonderful occasion for them. I can't begin to describe how happy I am to see messages from them pop up asking for a session. So, don't worry guys, we've almost made it through all the sessions I can offer. Let's just get family session checked off next!

This is a couple that I am proud to call my friends. These are my people and at this point they can text me and I will drop what I'm doing to come take pictures of them. I appreciate them so much for how much support they have given my business. Love you both and I can't wait to meet your sweet boy!!

xo, Lauren

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