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2019 Fave Photos Part 1 | Stephenville TX Photographer

I'm not sure I can fully express the amount of gratitude I have for 2019. The number of faces and moments I have had in front of my camera this year has completely blown me away and I am more than excited to see how things will shape up for 2020!

I typically like to do a photo roundup of my favorite moments from the year but I have too many to do it all in one post. So, first up are all the families!

The sweetest boy with the happiest smile, plus they are a GW family and that makes them extra special for me.

I had an accidental blurry photo and it turned into magic. Not unhappy about that one.

This sweet mama/son moment.

This wonderful family driving all the way from the DFW area to see me.

When my clients just do their own thing and it works so well.

Another LEO family. Another beautiful session with these 3 celebrating a growing family.

Hands down, the expression of the year. Little man was trying to figure out what the heck all the adults were doing behind the camera!

The sweetest newborn session with one of my favorite clients.

These two (now 3) and the amazing session we had together.

A favorite sibling moment right here!

Getting the chance to see Texoma friends!

Redheads forever.

Literally the coolest siblings I have ever met.

And one of the coolest families I know!

Friends, you all made this year absolutely amazing. It is such an honor each time to be asked to capture these moments for you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for choosing me.

xo, Lauren

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