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All Things Halloween | Texas Photographer

Halloween is very easily one of my favorite times of the year. Because my love of black clothing is acceptable. But it's also when I have lots of fun creating costumes for my kids. And maybe playing dress up for myself.

Side note. I love the creativity of Halloween, but please do not ask me to watch a horror/scary movie or go to a haunted house with you. I will run away crying and refuse to sleep with the lights off. At that point, you will also have my husband to deal with since I will wake him up every time I hear something go bump in the night.

First up my kids' costumes. My son decided that moving to the cowboy capitol means he needs to be a cowboy all the time. And well, the farmer and the cow man should be friends. Enter my girl and her overalls. Thank you LC Ranch for letting us come out and play!

Next up, my personal photo session because I wanted to jump in on the Halloween action. I have been so inspired by a couple of photographers that I really wanted to try my hand at a few creative shots. P.S. These were taken in my backyard!! And also thank you to my hubby for helping capture these shots.

Finally a few favorites from my Halloween styled shoot. Guys, Texas did not get the memo that rain shouldn't happen when I have an outdoor shoot planned. Instead it poured! With some brainstorming and assistance, we made it work. A Macabre Masquerade was created and despite our weather conditions, I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Happy Halloween Friends!!!

xo, Lauren

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