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2017 Favorite Photos Roundup

You guys!! We are nearly at the end of the year!! And what a journey this year has been for me. Ups and downs, trial and error, faith, a lot of help, and a lot of hard work have truly paid off. Each and every one of you that said, will you take our picture, has brought a smile to my face so many times. You believed in me and I am forever grateful for that!!

I had so many awesome opportunities this year, so I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites (okay maybe more than a few, haha!).

This sweet girl definitely has her Daddy wrapped around her finger.

When the family totally goes with the whole make a silly face!

Sassy dancing, matching red Converse shoes, and twirl parties = YES!

These two survived the onslaught of mosquitoes with me and it was totally worth it.

That wind, that hair. Need I say more?

My first wedding couple will always have a special place in my heart.

Always proud to capture a Back the Blue Session.

This girl is just stunning.

Probably my most laid back session ever and I loved it!

Halloween awesome-ness from these wonderful people.

Getting a chance to second shoot at beautiful venues with a very talented friend.

Capturing a family completely filled with love for one another and a community standing behind them.

Sweet little girls and their bows!!

And lovely seniors!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. To each person who supported me in this first year of business. I cannot even wait to see what 2018 will bring!

xo, Lauren

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