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DRESSEMBER: What to Wear

Obviously, yes dresses. Blog post done. Just kidding guys.

So, one of my goals for the Dressember project is to create a mini capsule of sorts for the month. Now, I may decide to switch a few items up as the month goes on or have to sub in something else because I have kids and we make messes. But this is the general outline of clothes that I will be using for the month. No real rules besides wearing a dress.

Also, it is a goal of mine at some point in the future to have an entire wardrobe that is ethically made. It may take several years before that actually happens for me. But I am trying to include several pieces in this capsule wardrobe that are ethical and/or made in the US.

Dresses - I am currently planning to use these 4 but I am hoping to hit up a local resale shop to add a couple of more to the mix. I have kept my colors pretty neutral because I like to wear black a lot anyway, and because it's a lot easier to mix and match.

Black maxi dress

Black Sotela pocket shift dress - This dress is made from tencel which is much more environmentally friendly and is made in California.

Black and white striped dress

Navy Elegantees sweatshirt dress - Part of the Dressember campaign, this dress was made in a sewing center in Nepal. Elegantees works to provide meaningful employment to women rescued from sex trafficking.

Layers & Extras - Part of the challenge for the month is adding pieces that I can mix and match with the dresses to create more variety. Plus, the temperatures in Texas can still be all over the place in December so layers are a good thing.

Black leather jacket

Green jacket

Teal flannel button down

Red plaid button down

Black cardigan

Teal cardigan - One of my absolute favorite brands and the brand that really introduced me to slow fashion. Kristin's values simply stated are, "To make versatile essentials transparently, in the most responsible way I know how."

Black and white striped turtleneck

Gray and white loose sweater

Black Girlfriend leggings - Hands down my absolute favorite leggings. A:They suck it all in and this mama tummy loves it! B: They are made from recycled water bottles! These guys are so transparent about their process and it is awesome!

Dark skinny jeans

Plenty of tights

Black boots

Black flats

White Converse tennis shoes

Green scarf

Tan Slumlove Sweater scarf - It doesn't look like the tan scarf is available anymore but they have so many other great options that I am adding to my wishlist, including one of those beanies. All of their items are made in Kenya with responsible practices and their products and packaging are natural, organic, and recycled.

So, whenever you see me in the month of December I will be wearing something from this list. And if you don't see me on a regular basis, be sure to follow me on Instagram because I will be sharing my outfits daily in my stories.


ALL Lauren Hummert Photography sessions scheduled for the months of November and December 2017, 50% of the session fee will be donated to the Dressember campaign. This applies to any session that I have listed. Bonus: wear a dress and/or tie in the session and I will credit $50 toward your next session in 2018!!!

If you made it all the way to the end of this post, give yourself a pat on the back. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this.

xo, Lauren

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