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Get Buzzed | Hico, TX Intimate Wedding Styled Shoot

If you have been around here or my social media long enough, you know that I am besties with the Hico based coffee trailer, Buzzed Brumby. I love any opportunity I get to hang out with Ondrea, and this shoot was no different. She was the brains behind putting this one together. I simply provided the models and the photos.

If you're on the hunt for a unique aspect to your wedding day and/or special event, message her!! She's got coffee and cocktails to share. Who can say no to that? Be sure to go give her a follow on social media and book her for your next event.

Host/Design: Ondrea Kerr, Buzzed Brumby

Trailer/Florals/Couch: Buzzed Brumby

Girl gang wardrobe: Punchy Vaquera

Location: Hico Mercantile

HMU Team: our girl gang models who were able to help us out!

This will go down as one of my favorite shoots this year for so many reasons. But the top reason is getting the chance to collaborate with several amazing women to make this happen! It was a seriously fun day and I'm continuously grateful that this is what I call my job.

xo, Lauren


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