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2021 Faves Part 2 | Stephenville TX Photographer

I created a lot of things this year to push myself out of the box. I have found it is really important for me to try new ideas and concepts in order not to feel any kind of burnout. So, this post is going to be all about my favorite "styled" moments. I have some pretty dang amazing people in my life who just agree to my ideas and let me run with it. I appreciate each and every one of them for working with me.

You've seen the full post, but seeing this shoot come to life made me so very happy. And if you haven't seen it yet, go look because it is beautiful!

These 4 are my friends and I love any opportunity I get to hang out with them.

This shoot that had the first image published in a 2022 calendar.

These women. There was movement, laughter, smiles, and we made all the magic happen in my garage!

I need more pinup shoots in my life. I'll be sure to do a blog post on this shoot next year!

This shoot, where I embraced all things PINK (which is very unlike me).

And these cloud shoots that involved a lot of polyfil, haha!

This was my year to say no to a few things so I could say yes to creating things. Things that pushed me out of that zone, the one that a lot of photographers fall into because it becomes routine. My goal is to do the unexpected and stay out of the routine. I think I accomplished that this year and I have more ideas for next year! Stay tuned friends!




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