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Through Thick and Thin, Class of 2020 | Stephenville TX Senior Photographer

This May, as the world began opening up again, I put out a promotion for the Class of 2020. I lowered my price tag so that seniors could still have a full photography experience at a lesser cost. The two previous months had been hard on a lot of people losing income and I wanted to help the seniors and parents. While it wasn't the end they were hoping for, their graduation year still mattered!

I was absolutely thrilled to have such a huge response! I met so many awesome seniors and parents, and they all said this was a bright spot for such an abrupt ending to their last year. This is a mix of both college and high school and a few from out of town!

To say this summer was busy, is an understatement. But I am absolutely so grateful to have had each and every one of these gorgeous graduates in front of my camera!! Congratulations to all of you on such an amazing accomplishment. Through the chaos of 2020, you made it!

xo, Lauren

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