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A Whole New World | Texas Photographer

My last blog post was in early February. I was excited for the year ahead. I had plans to attend some sort of workshop, goals to build my boudoir side of the business, and marketing ideas to grow my business even more.

The week of our spring break, all of that changed. We were on a little camping adventure and all of a sudden I'm seeing posts about toilet paper flying off the shelves. I'm seeing a level of chaos on social media that I had never witnessed before. And then school was cancelled. And then everything else...

But, as parents, my husband and I couldn't just shut down. He is an essential worker. In some form, work still has to go on. My job as a photographer is not essential, but my role as mom is. And that has to go on. So, while this "new world" continues to go on I will do the one thing I know how to do well. I will pick up my camera and document. I will capture the moments, big or small to one day remind my kids of these moments. I like to think of it as my therapy.

It's only a snippet of what's been happening in our daily lives, but one day I will look back on these images and remember the small moments that were part of something so much bigger. We're trying to do our part to stay home and social distance. I hope you will do the same. We are all in this together.

xo, Lauren

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