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Rob + Amy | Messina Hof Winery, Grapevine TX

Rob & Amy. I'm not really sure how well I can explain my gratitude to have these two as clients and a couple in front of my camera. Rob initiated our conversations for wedding pricing, but I later learned having me as their photographer was a surprise for Amy! This alone made me feel so happy to capture their intimate wedding and beautiful day, and also ready to pull out some serious creative mojo. Just the two of them, their closest friends and family, and me. I was thrilled to be there!

But here's the other part of the story. When it was time for their dinner, I was completely prepared to grab my plate and go sit on a bar stool to eat. And then I'm told that I have a place at the table with them and their family. Friends, I nearly cried. Because then Rob thanked me for being there. I'm not saying that every couple has to do this, this is my job. But while thanking their families for coming, he thanked me. And it meant the world to be so included. Plus, I officially have some Canadian friends now and whenever I get to trek north I hope they'll be my tour guides!

But this isn't all about me, this is about them of course. Rob and Amy, the day that was a long time coming but completely worth it when it came. These two are quiet, but have the quickest wit with each other and I appreciate that. Watching them together truly made me so happy. Two people who care deeply about each other. One willing to pick up and move from one country to another and embrace that Texas heat. I will be forever grateful to them for asking me to capture their day. It was beautiful and perfect. I wish you two a lifetime of happiness together.

xo, Lauren

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