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2020 Faves Part 3 | Stephenville TX Boudoir Photographer

My final wrap up post for 2020. This year, despite a lot of challenges, my boudoir photography business grew and I am here for it! Friends, this is a wonderful passion of mine within my business. Empowering women to step in front of the camera and confidently show who they are, is what I love to do!

Boudoir has many different interpretations in the photography world, but my mission is to always make my clients feel beautiful. So this year, I wanted to show off some of my favorites. Every single woman who came into my studio absolutely rocked it, so it was hard to pick these, but I had to narrow it down so I could show them off! Now, on to the gorgeousness!!

If you're questioning whether or not to bring a hat? The answer is yes, bring a hat!

I offer neon as a setup and it is one of my absolute favorites.

Playing with the curtains is fun and entertaining to watch me capture the picture.

Details. They will always be an absolute favorite.

During quarantine, I kept those creative juices flowing with virtual sessions.

Capturing those little in between moments.

Because black and white images never get old.

Teal sheets...

Or white sheets, I'm game.

I used my stock tank pool for sessions this summer and it was so much fun!

There's a reason I love this window.

Brides, it's always a good idea to do one of these sessions. Always.

I love some holiday spirit and I'm especially excited for what I have planned for this year!

And finally me. To show that I understand what it's like to step in front of that camera.

Ladies, boudoir photography is an experience like no other. There's nerves, there's excitement, there's boldness, and there's more nerves. It's all part of the process. But, I am absolutely here for you and cheering you on during the entire session so you know exactly how much of a babe you are. If you're ready to book, email me at If you want to know more, request to join my private FB group, Bold Boudoir by Lauren Hummert Photography. I'm happy to answer any questions. When considering whether or not to schedule your boudoir session, remember that you are worth it.

xo, Lauren


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