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2019 Fave Photos Part 3 | Stephenville TX Photographer

My final wrap up post for the year. And part 3 is all about my personal photos. On top of client photos, I work hard to capture moments of my family with my big camera. After all, this is what prompted my photography journey to start with. Capturing the moments of my kiddos, taking self portraits so I'm in the frame too, and trying new things so I continue to grow. I could probably add a lot more to this list, but these are definitely the highlights that stand out for me.

So, let's get started with coffee and some good books. I take a lot of coffee photos but the moody light made this one a fave.

Getting in the frame with this guy to celebrate 11 years.

I take A LOT of pictures of her, but doing this last minute session with her just for fun was so good for me creatively.

This moment will literally go down as one of his best photos ever.

After purchasing my first creative lens, a Lensbaby Sol 45, I took it with me on a trip and had fun playing around. I love the simplicity of this particular shot so much.

Self portraits are a big part of keeping me creative. Trying something a little different, playing with light, even adding a few extra scratches and some dust in post. I also get a kick out of seeing how often my hair changes!

Checking the hot air balloon festival off the bucket list!

Creating this triple exposure is one of my favorites from the year.

And also creating a little extra magic this Christmas season.

This was such an incredible year. I have grown more in my business, I have grown more in my skills and I have grown more in my creativity. Thank you to each and every person who inspires me to do a better job every time.

xo, Lauren

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