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My Creative "Thing" | Stephenville TX Photographer

In February I went to a workshop and learned from, who I consider, one of the top wedding photographers in the industry. One of the things Esteban said that day was, "Research what everyone in your area is doing and strive to be the absolute best at the complete opposite. If your work looks like everyone else’s, there's work to do." Well over the course of the year, I have been working to create a truly unique portfolio of images that include double exposure photography. While this kind of photography is not unique to me, it is not as common in my area. And I want to change that.

Double exposure photography (or multiple exposure) is simply layering two or more images on top of each other when shooting and then processing the image. Thanks to digital cameras, the process is easier than doing this method on film. However, many people will say it's not truly a double exposure unless it has been done in camera, digital or film. I beg to differ and like to take "artistic license" on creating something beautiful when editing. Not just something that may or may not come out. So, yes all of these were done in my editing process but I don't think that takes away one bit from the stories they tell.

Most of the time, I create these for solo portraits or my couples. It can be harder to capture the creativity with multiple people in the photo. Sometimes I know exactly what I'm going to do and then other times I enjoy the process of just playing around with the images. Either way I love creating something that is truly unique for my clients.

So, who's ready to book their next session with me and have one of these created for you? I can't wait to create some magic!!

xo, Lauren

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