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Lake Fork | Texas Photographer

My family and I strive for a more minimalist house. So, when birthdays roll around we offer experiences over things. That doesn't mean my kids don't get things. They just get more moments with Mom and Dad. To all of us, that means so much more.

M turned the big 6 this year. And he loves spending time at his PawPaw and JuJu's camper on the lake. So, we decided to offer him a trip with just Mom and Dad as his present. We also added a couple of extra fun stops while we were there. It was a gray and cloudy week, but it was so nice to take a break from our normal routine and really get some quality time with our little guy.

Our trip included:

- plenty of outdoor time at the lake

- a trip to the Caldwell Zoo

- staying up past bed time

- a trip to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center

- a cute coffee spot (for Mom)

xo, Lauren

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