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Ethical Fashion on a Budget

Note: The following post has not been sponsored by any of the companies listed. This is simply me, sharing with you.

So, I'm discussing something a little different over here today. But, if you remember from last year's posts about Dressember, I am an aspiring minimalist and ethical fashion consumer. And this is definitely an area I want to talk about more, not shy away from.

We live in a world of "fast fashion." An industry that tells us that instead of 4 seasons a year, we have 52. So that those companies can literally turn out new items weekly for us to buy. And please don't get me started on Black Friday. Because watching humans stampede over one another for material things makes me sick, but I will get off my soapbox.

In response to this, a movement is happening. The slow fashion movement. One in which many small companies are producing clothes ethically and transparently. These companies really do only have 4 seasons. And while they still have sales, their price tags are generally higher. Because they are paying wages and using ethical practices that are all above board.

I have so many thoughts on these movements. But the hardest one to overcome, is cost. I am just like you and my wallet is not a bottomless pit of money. I have to make choices. But I have also been working hard to find ethical companies with reasonable prices. And guess what? They are out there!! So, here's my list. It's a fairly small list, but you can pretty much purchase whatever items you need for a basic wardrobe and know that your dollars have been put toward something better.

For more information on fast fashion or slow fashion, here are a few sites I recommend checking out.

xo, Lauren

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