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Summer Bucket List #2 | Texas Photographer

Last year I decided to do a Summer Bucket List challenge and I had a lot of fun capturing the small moments that may have gone unnoticed. So, I'm doing it again this year. I narrowed my list down a little and kept several of my old items on this one. Because I really think it's interesting to see how my perspective of something can change in a year.

Summer Bucket List

1. Bubbles

2. Road Trip

3. Beach

4. Sunflare

5. Summer Drink

6. Sparklers

7. Splash

8. Fresh Fruit

9. Pool Time

10. Summer Reading

11. Sandals

12. Flowers

13. Ice Cream

14. Swimsuit

15. My View

I will post a recap at the end of the summer, but if you would like to follow my adventures as they happen, feel free to follow me on Instagram @laurenhummertphotography.

Now, who's ready for summer?

xo, Lauren

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