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We're moving. We're leaving this town where we started our family with our two little ones to go back to where our story started. 11ish years ago, I sat in Criminal Justice classes with this guy. And yes, I have a Criminal Justice degree too. Mr. Nonsocial sat at the back of the room, but because of our smarts we met and bonded through the CJ National Honor Society (weird quirk but I believe in fate, I technically didn't qualify, so the only smarty is him!). And now, our opportunity to return has presented itself. There were pro/con lists, lots of true heartfelt discussions, and some tears because this is where we've spent the majority of our marriage together. This is where we brought our babies home. We've made friends and celebrated milestones here. Making this change is huge. And walking into the unknown is scary. Because let's face it, that town where we started has changed too.

But here we are, moving to Erath county. And initially, we're looking to downsize. Because the minimalist in me is screaming that we can get buy with a little in order to see our true vision come to life. I am ruthlessly throwing out what isn't truly functional or adds any sort of value to our lives. It isn't easy and there are plenty of items tugging at the sentimental side of me. But, I've also been reading minimalist books for years now and each person has said once they got rid of the stuff they never regretted it. They usually don't even remember what everything was.

Cross your fingers and say a prayer for us, because we are about to take Stephenville, Texas by storm!

xo, Lauren

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