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Bucket List | Texas Photographer

As a photographer, there are so many creative ideas buzzing around in my head for the different kind of shoots I want to do. So, I thought I would put it out into the universe and try to make some of this happen. Because why not?

If you are interested in being part of any of these photography sessions, send me an email at Sessions from this list will either be heavily discounted or potentially free (unless there's a fee involved to shoot at a particular location). It's these photo sessions that drive my creativity making me a better artist for you.

1. Library session.

2. A beach session (maternity or engagement/couples).

3. A Dia de los Muertos couples session. I'm thinking color and plenty of face paint!

4. An epic intimate elopement (travel costs not included).

5. A carnival session with bright colors and cotton candy!

6. Coffee shop couples session with a totally hipster vibe.

7. Baby announcement.

8. A wedding at a zoo.

9. Wildlife/hunting. Take me hunting with you! And yes, I will get up early to do this!

10. Surprise wedding proposal.

Most of these are sessions that I would love to do more than once, but if you're the first to do it from my list, then you will definitely get a better deal. Have questions about one of these or what the cost would be? Send me an email.

Let's create something amazing!!

xo, Lauren

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