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October Bucket List

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas each offer their own wonderful aspects to photography. This year I have decided to do a mini bucket list for each month in October, November and December. The lists are fairly small, so I am hopeful that I can check each item off easily.

Let's get started with October shall we?

1. Jack O Lantern

2. Trick or treat

3. Fall drink

4. Spiderweb

5. Black & white

6. Candy

7. Shadow

8. Black

9. Spooky

10. Candles

Now all I need is this Texas heat to cool down a little, so that I can truly get into the fall spirit. It's hard to be motivated to capture leaves and pumpkins when I'm still wearing shorts!

If you want to follow along on the bucket list, be sure to check out my personal IG page @laurenhummert. But I will be sure to post all the pictures when the month is over right here.

Happy Halloween friends!!

xo, Lauren

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