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Bucket List Roundup

With school officially back in session and schedules picking up, it's time to close my Summer Photography Bucket List goals. I would say overall, it was a successful summer. I'm sure many could argue, summer in Texas lasts until October! But I don't want the challenge to stretch that long. I guess I will just need to embark on a fall/winter photography bucket list challenge!

So, here is the full roundup of the photos I was able to capture this summer.

1. Parade

2. Swing

3. Bubbles

4. Fresh fruit

5. Beach

6. Summer Drink

7. Road trip

8. Sunset

9. Splash

10. Sparklers

11. Sunflare

Eleven out of twenty doesn't seem bad. Plus I was able to capture a couple of bonus pictures too: the eclipse and baseball!

I am hoping everyone had a wonderful summer full of good memories!!! I can't wait to do this again next year!

xo, Lauren

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