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In My Camera Bag

Please note: this post is NOT sponsored by any of the following products. This is just a list of the items I am currently using and love.

I have been toting around my camera equipment for some time now always ready for the next photo worthy moment, so I have gotten pretty good at what is and isn't necessary for my sessions. My bag is the original 2 Sues by Kelly Moore and it is awesome. I love that I can switch out the straps depending on what I need it for. It has been my go to for the last 2 and a half years.

And now, onto the list:

1. I recently made the switch to the Nikon D750 and I am in love! This is the only camera body that I currently use for sessions although if I need a backup my D3100 is still in great shape and hasn't failed me yet (hopefully I didn't just jinx that!).

2. Two lenses: my Nikkor 50 mm 1.8 and my Sigma Art 35 mm 1.4. My trusty 50 mm is compatible with both camera bodies and is one of the reasons I haven't upgraded that lens yet. I like to start my sessions with this lens because I will typically start with the individual portraits first. Then I will switch to my 35 mm in order to capture more of the scene or a larger group depending on the session.

3. A reflector. Okay so this one doesn't really fit in my bag but I am learning to bring it with me to sessions more and more for portraits.

4. Notebook or planner. I am a total list maker so I love to carry around my planner or a notebook with me in case I need to jot something down or schedule my next session.

5. Extras. These include memory cards, batteries, granola bar and chap stick. It's these little things that can wind up being huge life savers if I were to need them.

And that's it. All of these items help make my sessions a breeze. Now you tell me, what's in your bag?

xo, Lauren

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