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Always Learning | Austin TX Photographer

At the end of February, a very talented wedding photographer came all the way down to little ole' Texas. Guys, I was so excited to finally meet Esteban Gil as well as his partners in crime at a workshop they hosted in Austin.

Here's the thing, education is so important to me as I continue to grow in my photography career. I have decided that I will attend at least one workshop a year. I love the opportunity to meet other creatives, to learn something new, and to shoot creatively for a day. All of these things combined help motivate me to continue to produce better work for each and every client.

This was definitely a unique location in Austin and I'm so excited to share these images with you!

Thank you again Esteban, Nicole, Mike and Roxanne for coming to Texas and sharing your knowledge. It was a pleasure to learn from you!

xo, Lauren

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