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2018 Favorite Photos Roundup

As 2018 comes to a close, I cannot help but think of the whirlwind that was this year. I think my best word to describe the year is transition. We left our home of 8 years and moved to a new city, within that city we moved again....with kids. And in the middle of all of this, I maintained a business. I am so grateful that so many new faces have completely embraced me and asked me to take their picture.

So, as we wrap up the year, I want to say thank you. Seriously for every person that asked me to capture a moment that you will cherish, thank you. For every person that went along with my creative whims, thank you. For every person who offered assistance, a place for me to shoot, or a like on social media, thank you. No matter what part you played, it was still a part and helped me take one more step forward on this journey.

Now onto the good stuff!! I have so many favorites from this year, so these are just the highlights.

Piggy back rides for sessions are always a yes in my book.

My favorite Mommy/Daughter moment ever.

I will never get over the dark and moody vibes of this session. Ever.

A rainy wedding day didn't stop this beauty from having an amazing day.

And getting to hang with this girly is definitely a highlight.

Surprise proposal with two of my favorite people? Umm yes please!!

These two. Seriously can't wait til I get to do a full family session when Dad gets home.

My first session with horses and I'm pretty positive it won't be my last!

Only slightly obsessed with her windblown beach hair.

Give me all the Halloween styled shoots. All of them.

Kiddos galore!

Creative projects are what keep me inspired for future sessions!

Plus a few personal moments!​

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for being part of my year. Each and every session means the world to me.

xo, Lauren

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