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For Dad | Stephenville TX Family Photographer

This session was everything. A little backstory. This mama has been a family friend of my husband's since they were kids. So she and I have been friends for a while now. My photography journey was just getting started when she got married a few years ago. So to have her book a session like this for her husband was such an honor. A surprise mommy and me session to send to dad while he serves our country.

Now let me talk about the weather. In true Texas fashion, there were storms headed straight for us. And then they moved a little east of us. So, there was some panic (on my part because I wanted to do this justice), some rushing (again all me), and then the best skies and DOUBLE RAINBOW we could have asked for. Picture me doing a happy dance while the weather decided it didn't want to ruin my session for the evening.

xo, Lauren

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