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December Bucket List Roundup

So yeah it's February and I'm just now getting this out here. But, I did manage to capture most of my list so woohoo for that because December keeps us on the go!

1. Twinkle - Absolutely love all the lights of the season.

2. Bokeh - Getting creative.

3. Comfort in a mug - Plus new reads.

4. Tree - Cousins.

5. Something sweet - Her curls. Plus she always wants to keep up with him.

6. Book I'm reading - It's a classic and a tradition.

7. Cozy - My favorite spot this time of year.

8. Homemade - Another tradition. Our custom "gingerbread" house.

It was a whirlwind of a month, but so much fun! I always look forward to this season every year because I can't get enough of those lights!

xo, Lauren

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