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Family Sessions + Kids (How to make it work)

In the last year of business, plus having two children of my own, I have learned a thing or two about family sessions and little ones.

P.S. This topic generally refers to children 5 and under.

No matter how "prepared" you are for the session, your children will not want to cooperate with some aspect of it. And your session will probably be slightly shorter than you anticipated. That's just how it goes with kids.

However, there are still plenty of ways to make our session a purely fun date together.

Here is the secret. Let them down. Let them play. Let them be little. If we can snag a posed shot, great! But if they just aren't having it, then forcing them to do it will only make them that much more obstinate during the session.

During your family session I will:

- Talk to directly to your kiddos so that they grow comfortable with me

- Ask you to play with them

- Encourage tickle fights, dance parties or twirling, and silly faces

- Ask them to find me the best rock, leaf or stick if we're outside

- Ask them to show me their favorite toy if we're doing an in-home session

- Give them a break so mom and dad can have a few shots together (because really when was the last time you did that?)

And a final tip: food!

Feel free to bring whatever snacks your little likes to munch on. No one likes to take pictures on an empty stomach, but the littlest ones usually express their hunger the loudest! Typically sessions are scheduled close to dinner time. Making the kiddos wait until after the session to eat will only enhance the crankiness. Bring a snack so everyone stays happier for the hour we are together.

These aren't fool proof methods but they certainly help everyone relax and provide you with images that you will love!

xo, Lauren

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