What is a Lifestyle Session?

The world of photography has so many trends and terms and phrases that it can be overwhelming when you're looking for the right person to take your pictures. You know you want natural, un-posed pictures that capture the real moments, but how do you find that? What do you look for?

You are looking for a lifestyle photography session. Lifestyle sessions incorporate real moments. They can take place in your home or at a location that holds a special place in your heart. You want to be somewhere that you feel most comfortable. Somewhere that you can let your hair down.

But my house is a wreck!!

Look, I'm a wife and mom first and I understand when laundry isn't finished or dishes haven't been cleaned. But, I'm also a photographer. Messes are okay. You live here and life happens. I capture the real moments with you and your family. The hugs, the laughs, the kisses. No one will even notice the dishes or the laundry (plus we can move them), because the focus is on the connection in the family.

But, we don't have to do the session at home. We can do it at the park where your kids can slide and swing. We can shoot at your favorite coffee shop. We can go where you had your first date or where he proposed. Trust me, I am game!

But I don't know how to be natural in front of the camera!!

Don't worry! I'm not natural in front of the camera either! It is completely natural for us to be unnatural when someone starts pointing a camera in our face. But my job is to help direct, guide and prompt you so that you forget I am there. If we need to run the energy out of little ones, we can do that. And get some great smiles out of them in the process. If you need to have a glass of wine or your favorite beer to loosen up a little, I am perfectly fine with that. I want to give you a starting point, but then I want you to talk and interact as if I'm not there.

What I do:

  • Tell a story. Wherever you are at in your life right now. Newly engaged, newly married, new parents, parents of children all ages, grandparents. I want to tell that story.

  • Find the light. If you decide to go with a session at home, I will find the best spot of light for us to take some wonderful pictures.

  • Guide you. I will "pose" you and give some direction. This allows you to feel more confident in the outcome of the pictures.

I hope this helps provide a little more insight into the world of lifestyle photography. It may not be something you are looking for right now, but it is definitely something everyone should experience at least once.

xo, Lauren